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MCG - My loss lyrics

I'm just a kid with a dream
I Love to Rap yeah
I spread love not hate
Once you say those mean thing
You NEVER can take back those awful word
Judge my actions not what people say
Cause it doesn't matter
I need to speak up for what's right
MCG is up on da mic
No one can affect who I'm gonna be
So I'm ma show love to these big bullies
My parents don't make me
And I ain't no cocky little brat
But dad I know you let me down
I don't hate you, you're my dad that's for ever
But our house was Vietnam, you're my dad you can agree to disagree that I was taken by the state at 4years old
That song I no longer play at show and cry every time is on the radio
I thing of being placed in home this is painful sh**
Mum, the one thing I never ask was where the f** is my dead bead dad
You pull up in the driveway as I was leaving to a hamburger, I meet you again hugged you
As I left had this overwhelming sadness come over me
So mum I'm mad I never got the chance to tell you to say to you that When I was in the 3rd grade
I thought that I was gay
And I can't change
Even if I tried
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Even if I wanted to
What I really wanna say is
If there's anyone else that can relate to this story
Bet you feel the same way I felt
When I was in the same place you are
When I was afraid to…
I was a... afraid to make a single sound
Afraid I would never find a way out
As you struggle to find my place in this world, so I am
Leaving this blue neighbourhood
Never knew loving could hurt this good
And it drives me wild

I may not be a good rapper
I may not be a good singer
But it don't matter
This song is made for me
Made for you
Look, am MCG and I'm here to say
It don't matter if you by
It don't matter if your gay
At the end of the day
They are people like you and me

I rap cause I love it not cause am good at it

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