No Justice

No Justice lyrics


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[MC Pat Flynn] Okay listen up heres a little story Little hours given at the age of 16 F*ucked out of school always Smokes the weed playin footie on the green It's a daily routine hangin with the lads with them Bluetooth speakers Spit a few rhymes so the girls can hear em Drinking all day and they robbing all night Going home to his family all they do is f*cking fight Hears his mother downstairs getting slapped around Drugged and flipped a little stiches call an ambulance now Dad is getting locked up for 6 and 3 years so Whoever thought him and his sister would have a life so rough To make it worse the social workers get involved in this sh*t Told his mother time is over we are taking your kids Took his sisters away threw his family to bits put him in a foster home And no family alone he wish he had his mother to talk to on the phone Lying on the bed he couldn't take it anymore Packed up his stuff and headed straight for the door he had no one to Turn to no one to cry out for [Hook:Ed Sheeran] If this is to end in fire Then we should all burn together Watch the flames climb high into the night Calling out father oh stand by and we will Watch the flames burn auburn on The mountain side high [Chorus :Ed Sheeran] Now I see fire Inside the mountain I see fire Burning the trees And I see fire Hollowing souls I see fire Blood in the breeze And i hope that you'll remember me [Mc Pat Flynn] It was 4 in the morning when through the fields He knew soon enough the guards would be hot on his heels He was 30 miles from home and his legs were giving up So he smashed a car window and he hotwired it up That's the joy of the streets all the things Are to learn he put his foot to the floor and made the tires f**ing burn All we may know that his heads playing games Thinking bout good times will things ever be the same He prayes to god they will be together again All this stress and so main holy spirit amen Pull up in his drive way and walked in his house The tele was on but the lights were out Checked in the kitchen and the living room He heard music up stairs one of his mothers favourite tunes Turn on the hall light about to go upstairs He got the shock of his life he busted out in tears He couldn't believe what he seen he seen his mother hanging from the top of the balcony Now I see fire inside a mountain I see fire burning the trees and I see fire hollowing souls and i see fire burning the breeze now I hope that you can remember me

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