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Mayhem Meech - No Hook lyrics

[Intro: Thaiboy Digital]
Thaiboy, Thaiboy, Thaiboy

[Verse 1: Thaiboy Digital]
Young Thaiboy cop new house
Young Thaiboy cop new whip
Iced car, make your bank count
One private and one for business
Whole lotta gass, whole lotta cash right now
My head's been [?]
I'mma bring it down to the ashes
[?], he the broke boy with the accent
Whenever up in my mouth, all the bad bitches be dancin'
All the dumb bitch don't get it, all dumb bitch just stand
Them bitch ain't got no ass
Dope boy [?] whoop my ass
I ain't due for the basic
Fuck the industry man, got it how I want it, I got it how I want it
Thaiboy, Thaiboy
Bitch, I ain't ever been too lazy
Turned up muthafucka too crazy
Used to make the heat per week, man, type to be up all week
My mind damaged, just keep 1 mil
[?] will make you bleed
I'm a GTBSG always, always, always will be and Thaiboy cool!
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[Verse 2: Adamn Killa]
Kill a nigga, I've been one [?]
Your bitch suck my dick, got a header
[?] on my feet, now arrest 'em
[?] talk to you is a blessin'
I eat a bad bitch for breakfast
[?] on my necklace
I don't need one, two, I want the next bitch
I ain't need one talk off finessin'
Got a bitch, fat ass like Texas
My niggas and I, young and reckless
I remember all 'em days I ain't have shit
Still don't got shit, but I got shit
I ain't need one check, I want the cash bitch
These bitches ain't shit, they average
These niggas for 'em bitches do backflips
I'll flex your lil' bitch on my mattress
These bitches ain't shit
Got a nigga's girlfriend on my dick
But I don't even want that bitch
Pays a 50 for my jolly kiss
Yeah, like that just where it is
I be flexin' on all this rappin' shit
I'm prettier than my lil' bitch
I said, I'm prettier than my lil' bitch

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