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Mayhem Meech - No Hook lyrics

[Intro: Thaiboy Digital]
Thaiboy, Thaiboy, Thaiboy

[Verse 1: Thaiboy Digital]
Young Thaiboy cop new house
Young Thaiboy cop new whip
Iced car, make your bank count
One private and one for business
Whole lotta ga**, whole lotta cash right now
My head's been [?]
I'mma bring it down to the ashes
[?], he the broke boy with the accent
Whenever up in my mouth, all the bad b**hes be dancin'
All the dumb b**h don't get it, all dumb b**h just stand
Them b**h ain't got no a**
Dope boy [?] whoop my a**
I ain't due for the basic
f** the industry man, got it how I want it, I got it how I want it
Thaiboy, Thaiboy
b**h, I ain't ever been too lazy
Turned up muthaf**a too crazy
Used to make the heat per week, man, type to be up all week
My mind damaged, just keep 1 mil
[?] will make you bleed
I'm a GTBSG always, always, always will be and Thaiboy cool!
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[Verse 2: Adamn k**a]
k** a n***a, I've been one [?]
Your b**h s** my dick, got a header
[?] on my feet, now arrest 'em
[?] talk to you is a blessin'
I eat a bad b**h for breakfast
[?] on my necklace
I don't need one, two, I want the next b**h
I ain't need one talk off finessin'
Got a b**h, fat a** like Texas
My n***as and I, young and reckless
I remember all 'em days I ain't have sh**
Still don't got sh**, but I got sh**
I ain't need one check, I want the cash b**h
These b**hes ain't sh**, they average
These n***as for 'em b**hes do backflips
I'll flex your lil' b**h on my mattress
These b**hes ain't sh**
Got a n***a's girlfriend on my dick
But I don't even want that b**h
Pays a 50 for my jolly kiss
Yeah, like that just where it is
I be flexin' on all this rappin' sh**
I'm prettier than my lil' b**h
I said, I'm prettier than my lil' b**h

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