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Mayhem Meech - Dash Money lyrics

Dash money, fast money
Clean money, dirty money
Mix it up
Mix it up, fuck it

[Verse 1]
Ecstasy poppin' she's a wild card
She barely in my practice squad she on your startin' team
Album comin' soon homie
Get that barter 3
She heard I'm coming through homie
I heard everything
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Pop another yup I numb myself, I feel myself
This yoppa just kicked in don't mind my spazz I feel myself
I need another one, another one, another one
Avoid my old friend fuck that judgement another one
I'm lane switchin', I'm swervin'
My bitch miss me, I'm servin'
Don't know me lookin' fishy over here [?] surfin'
I been early mornin' where my birds where the worms at?
Nigga say gimme he gon' gimme hope it's worth it
Never hoving
I'm in my coffin fuckin' smurkin'
Shakin' miss my Xans momma sad my tummy hurtin'
But next time I pop one, it's gon' feel like this the first one
I know how I'm workin' did this on purpose
Ain't gotta know my limit, reached that on purpose

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