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Martin Walkyier - A Cautionary Tale lyrics

Faustus begin thine incantations
Take good care to draw thy circle true
By god must you prevail -
For if you fail these
Demons make a meal of you

Your soul shall be their meat -
A kingly feast for them to eat
Beware your future at hand
Alas for thou art dammed

[good angel:]
"faustus seek repentance
Abjure this evil art
Cease this wretched wickedness
And cleans thy foolish heart
For the evil that once served you
Has made of you a slave
And transformed your bed of roses'
To a premature grave."

Then in a mighty flash of light
Before thee mephistopheles appears

"i charge thee go and change thy shape
For you fill my soul with fear
Now swift-as-hell back to the fire
Return an old franciscan friar."

"mortal command me while you can
For surely thou art dammed."

[bad angel:]
"faustus be thou resolute
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In what thou wilst perform
Ignore these righteous idiots -
Their trinity to scorn
For years of depravation you receive eternal life
But fame and wealth and maidens-fair
Are by far the better price."

"temptations all around me
Is there nowhere i can turn?
Hellfire is all about me
Now i know that i shall burn
I face excommunication for the error
Of my ways - to burn in hell for all my days
Bell, book and candle, candle, book, bell
Forwards and backwards to damn me to hell

Jehova i beg thee have mercy on my soul
Be gone foul beast that stands before me
My god! the midnight hour chimes
Oh lord have mercy he comes for me
I haven't got much time
I am awake this is no dream
I cry - but terror takes my scream
And now my future is at hand
Also for i am dammed."

[good angel:]
"think for just one moment
And i'm sure that you will see
The moral of this story -
That what shall be must be
He who gives his soul to hell
Must dare to pay the price
He versed in divinity must
Live a noble life -
Or else he is damned!

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