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MarMonroe - Bestfriend lyrics

From the minute I met my friend
It was laughs everyday
She called me I'm on my way
And you know I wasn't gonna play
That's my bestfriend, bestfriend
It will never be the same
And you will never be replaced
Oh why
Looking for answers like
Oh why
And when ever I messed up
I told you when we laughed
Never judge me once
And now I gotta be strong all alone
No more real talks on the phone
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When them n***as stress me out
You the one I call on
When the b**hes get the tripping
You the one i call on
When I wanna Turn up
You the one i call on
Trying to hit heavens line
I just get the dial tone
I know your busy flying with the angels in the sky
Can you please make sure you tell Mrs. Vicky that I said hi
Everybody keep saying stay strong, man ima try
Im looking for answers like why?
Best friend, no it'll never be the same
And you'll never be replaced
Oh why?
Rest in peace

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