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Marie Davidson - The Tunnel lyrics

I'm going through a tunnel of broken glass
The problem is that I have to crawl in there
Because the ceiling is very low
If I want to get out, I need to move forward
In the broken glass
You get the picture?

Why is it so tough?
I told you [?]
I'm still in there, can you hear me?
I'm in the tunnel with all the other monsters
And it's so messy
Ugh, you disgusting [?]!

I told you it's a secret
You can't tell it to anybody else
You disgusting [?]!

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The tunnel, the tunnel
What a funny thing to be stuck in a tunnel

I can see the light fading
Time is running out

La lune
[?] la lune

Oh yeah
And by the way
I don't need a VR headset to feel emotion
Reality is disgusting enough
And we all have to deal with it

I love you

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