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Marie Davidson - The Psychologist lyrics

I am the psychologist
This woman, this woman has to go!
C'est moi [?]
I am the psychologist
You can hate me as much as you like, but it's you who wants to [?] for me

Tell me about your past
Mm, that's interesting
And your mother?
This woman, this woman has to go!
Mm, interesting

Let's try something

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Baby, baby you know you're crazy
Crazy, you know you're crazy
Come on baby, you've told me you're crazy
Seriously really
We're talking about psychology here
Can you do the math?
You know, You've told me you're crazy

Oh, you like it over the top?
You like it when it's insane?
I know
I know you're crazy, baby
Come on, you're crazy

This woman, this woman has to go!

I am the psychologist (Baby you know you're crazy)
So, tell me about your past (You crazy good)
Mm, interesting (Oh, you like it when it's over the top?)
Let's try something (When it's insane?)
I'm going to show you some images (Oh no, please)

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