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Maraza - Vuka lyrics

(Distorted Sound)


Awww Yeah
Ey Thatha Grinding babo Grinding babo
They act like they don't see though,
Ive been feeling like n***as really like making my achievements seem really lite
Like, Yeah he might have been enticing
But he aint never had the iron mic
b**h, really how the f** you know me then
Mother'f**er I done make a dynasty
Oh you cocky n***as quickly turn your hands, itch you from your face to your f**en liver
Nomore f**s to give man I'm tired of being a f**ing stepping stone
n***as use you then they try to lose you
once you show them whose who
gravy train gon choochoo, sh** can drive you cuckoo got a couple screws lose
is it f**en voodoo or some evil joojoo
what the f** are you'll n***as s'possed
to do
Been signing n***as since a younger n***as, so these n***as think they young at 32
But I, I guess it make sense mercy so way up in heaven
I was a prisoner of poverty but now I stack Mandela's and I'm 27
My career facing 9/11, plenty rappers here its ?????
Bank figures went up to 7, but I still haven't reached seven heaven
cause the money never did inspire me
So poverty won't retire me, self made no one hired me, they one you think is hot doesn't perspire me
I mean, kunini sikokota silambile beskhotha, ebsika bebe ndibotha mandigodola bendicroser
Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah these bars might sting my niiiigaaaaa, I'm not talking about you you I'm talking about the b**h in you miiirrroorr rah Rah
Tired of n***as asking me about my old n***as, n***a that's a hella distraction
They ask me why I wasn't featured on
that album I told em that's a very good question
But n***as still miss the point like an untrained sniper
Hide your kids cause here I come the unplayed piper
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Oh Lord, Ohhh Looord Oh GOD
Why they sleeping on me
they won't let me in(2)
King, ngifuna a matshatshatshankura kusukumi dust fast mangidlula
Kugcwele amachucks ntwana ngizobasula
Sqale ngeGuava sbavuda, trying to get the bread right nabangani bekungekho here
Phela mina ngiYRed light nyamazane
The buck stops here
Trying to be iconic oh maybe are you the booth for that nyuku
Isn't it ironic I'm praying God gotta rule over evil
kodwa uzond thethelela Jesu, I might go to hell today (?)
I'm paying myself in time to pay dues

Oooh Yeah Oh Yeah
(distorted voice)

Mmh If I said it doesn't bother me then I'd be lying
They've been crowning every other cat but the Lion
I got a king size bed, but somehow I'm the one they always lying I been hot but they rather use me as the ironing board
And not the iron
How many n***as I took on tour
How many n***as I showed the ropes
How many n***as I went to war for defending they dreams and their f**ing Hope's
But the favours never returned home
No they never returned home
I must be a f**ing idiot to try and build every other career but my own
Don't get me wrong I'm not hungry
But I swear to God I'm f**ing starving
not for money or food kugcwele indlu loko
I wanna get on that star ship
n***as make it, and forget who made them and that's God I don't make this up
You have good n***a to gone n***a
If the shoe fits fix it up
AM Vuka.

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