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Yeah Hmmmm Ispiliyonn Bheka I finally took the time to speak about it Oskido told me its best I don't speak about it But I had to speak about it coz I'm tired and I didn't want these n***as thinking it wasn't only quite coz he can't be about it, b**h I've been about it And I've seen you doubt it And I've seen you telling faves in the streets about me And I've seen some upseen beings some will set dreams since a teen now at 16 running thru my mind and that's poverty Family Love and legacy, Money and loyalty I used to think that money part would help me solve the other five I never thought that being broke was actually keeping me alive coz see the money really does changes alot of things She goes from way above your league, to your wedding ring b**hes goes from what's your first name, to sharing your last name To claiming they had a crush on you before the damn fame, go ahead hoe Yeah go ahead hoe Yeah play that game b**h you know where your head go n***as with a lot of pride move away and hate you And n***as with the weakest spide move closer and 'brace you Saying that they got your back like they palms and filled with melace Saying that they'll hold you down like your arms aint go give you balance Saying that they got your back like they don't wanna stab it Like if they find a chance in your hands they won't wanna grab it You looked in my eyes and said my enemies is your enemies and if they poison me you got the remedy I said I'll hold you down and I stayed true to my oath, I tried to keep you afloat but you threw me over board and then you blamed it all on growth I mean, like WHAT THE fu*k is loyalty now It seems to me its all linked to my royalties now When I was broke I knew exactly where your loyalty lies But when my royalties rise is when your loyalty dies I shared my fame, shared my paid, share my stage with you I shared my everything, I shared my wedding day with you, I shared my wildest dreams, even shared the burdens of your nightmares Forget the chains boy, forget those fly 'nik Nike airs I shared my song I shared my song I told the stories no other soul has been telled See n***as wish you well but take your coins out the wells so its no coincidence loyalty starts with an L I know a lot of n***as wish they k**ed me where they left me My other n***a wishes his label would let them help me Or atleast that's what I think, coz inspite of all this signs I refused to believe that my brother would desert me Yeah but am not new to a knife wound I know you backstabbers wish MT and I would fight soon We used to k** tracks, Yeah we used to k** tracks but I don't need a feature to know him and I are still FAM Speaking of family, my family is a mess My mother is always stressed there are some things we can't address Everybody's got a opinion 'bout how she should have raised us They say I lost my father so my Momma could gain bucks I lost my father way before I lost a tooth, they blamed my mother and I don't know if I want to know the truth See I make sure my Momma never goes to bed hungry, but sometimes am the reason that she goes to bed angry So I don't know if am the man my father wanted me to be, but I know the life we live it aint what he wanted me to see I wanna know if you at peace but there's no way for me to ask am intruged of your legacy I doubt if am up for the test But I know you love me thou you never get to say it I owe you my life I pray to God I get to prove You left me as a kid and I'm a grown man now But I spent my whole life tryna make a dead man proud you dig my n***a? That's how I speak now Dad I buy expensive swag look at all the jeans I sagg When you left a wife couldn't afford the maize meal sag But now your son can buy her lobster for her birthday snack Yeah, but ofcourse I can't look back I got my own family now and I can't lose track See I remember when we had to cook the weeds from the back Now the poverty is like my Dad, is the thing of the past Now my future is looking brighter and they hate it I was building my legacy while they debated my greatness Some of my brothers spreading lies about me but the truth will soon meets light coz I don't grind to prove you wrong, I grind to prove me right And that's whats taking me further making my path even clearer You always looking at others I only look in the mirror, I've got a soul of a fighter And the hands of a k**er The heart of a lion And the lips of a healer Hhmmm my throne is real b**h am loyal now I got some bones that are real and they loyal now See they resisted jealousy fearmount kiss that's why everyone in my team knows what a fair amount is wabona Yeah you let them talk and they talking funny But miss me with the talk if that talk aint money Bheka I propably pa**ed what you call a flying so many bands my wallet look like a rock 'n roll hall of fame I know they go come in here yeah They cannot walk in my lane yeah But atleast we all know the truth a little things you said about me, say alot about you

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