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Manybeats - One More Chance lyrics

One More Chance (Feat. Demoz)- Doap Nixon

Manny Beatz
All we ask is for one more chance n***a.!
We on yo a**
Demoz. Demoz
Yeah.! Nixon

(Verse 1: Doap Nixon)
n***as say I ain't the best. How they figure that.?
You ain't gotta cuff yo b**h. I'm a give her back
How i've been through shell rose, the melrose
So ice cold, I done made hell froze
Yeah, I'm a piece this n***a up
Joint on my hip, still gon' beat this n***a up
I'm so disrespectful, my neck froze
If that check froze, gotta let that head blow
n***a eating on neck bows
We five star restaurants
I need that crib with a lex boat
Me and Demoz spittin' on big pants
But all we ask y'all is gimme one more chance.!
So we can finish the business
Started with the Pharaohs, now it's gettin' the big list
Check ten Kay so I'm gettin' the big kiss
Two point five, got me living like Christmas
I just started, the flow is retarded
O.P.G. time to corner the market
We ain't on stage tryin' to dance
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I'm givin' y'all flames
So give me one more chance.!

(Verse 2: Demoz)
Money and crib, like Rambo, and gun f** it
You get up to run, I throw the gun at you, and bum rush you
Beat you to f**in' d**h with a ether connect
Throw you inside a leaf breezer and leave you like it's legal inject
Seasonal vet, evil as well, pleeing for s**
Like a f**in' pervert watching a p**no, beatin' his flesh
These f**in' labels is evil connect
Beat you to d**h with with a bunch of bull sh**, n***a
Believe we is the best
I need an antidote, and a bag of dope
Eni, Miny, Moe. Give me an Angelina camel-toe
Suicide floor, my slide less flammable
I act like an animal, and feed off the animals
Demoz.! Breath like a cannibal
I think they were talking 'bout me up in Hannibal

We on yo a** n***a.!
O.P.G. n***a.!

What up 'Moz.?!
What up Doap.?!
That's how you do it n***a.!
n***a, you dope cuz you Doap n***a.!
What up 'Moz.?!

Demoz. Demoz

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