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Manson Family - Manson Murders lyrics

[News Reporter Chuck Bell]
Their name is set animous with murder
Charles Manson and his followers
But did the Manson family commit additional murders we never knew about?
Tonight, police are saying, there could be as many as a dozen others
NBC4's Robert Kovacik is live with more on this developing story

[Verse 1: Lord Infamous]
It's the Rowdy Bounty Hunter, futuristic homo sapien
I can drop 'em dead and use my demons to awake in 'em
Manson Family, Tennessee, I practice voodoo culture
Leave yo carca** in the backyard aten by the vulture
Infamous, art of war, Sun Tzu, I mix it with voodoo
The (?), the caliber enter yo matter
I splatter your batter all over the sofa
Torture techniques I use have been practiced over centuries
I can hide and think of different ways to cause you misery
Step into my domicile, soon you will be smellin' foul
k**er from the nile, body pile, they been here a while
Don't be horrified, n***a d**h is just the other side
Scarecrow the soul blade, blaze firin' shots of fire

[Verse 2: C-Rock]
From South Memphis projects
Try to ...
n***as (?) exorcist
Of your a** better drop than cock back
Nine millimeter, put it in yo face
Robbin' me? Stoppin' me? Ain't no way
Po-pos out here can't stop sh**
Cause they know what it is: d**h 2 Pigs

[Verse 3: Yung Koke]
From the Northside to the Southside
From nineteen street to thirteen street
I'm in Foxwood with a bad freak
With a pistol sittin' on the front seat
Got n***as gettin' money everywhere
From the projects to (?)
On ten street ...
On eleven street straight it was straight (?)
I got goons dwellin' on the Westside
On ... off a Avalon
They are hundred deep where I come from
Swear to god a n***a they don't want none
I'mma represent it to the fullest b**h
The forty here is a fully (?)
On garden lane it's still slangin' caine
... lane
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[Verse 4: Lil Jack]
I fill a ball of crack off in the dope track
I sniff a ball of P off in the MNC
Yeah I went to east and yeah I was a beast
(?) d** (?) eightteen street
Got a young chick in West Memphis High
She keep that girl, keep West Memphis high
Got another broad, she from the straighter (?)
But I swear to god she from (?)
Past (?) chase ... Waffle House
I'm still slangin' (?)
From Eastwood to Holiday
Down Scottwood back where (?) stay
I'm a (?) n***a
We don't play fair n***a
Where you stink, you gon' lay there n***a

[Verse 5: Lil Sko]
I really don't think they know Lil Sko
I'mma pull a kick-door on this industry
I ain't no one-hit-wonder but still y'all gon' remember me
Pour Hennessy on my dope, see Tennesse it ain't no joke
Cause I know thugs that'll k** for real
And I know junkies that'll k** for dope
And hope that you ain't at the wrong place at the wrong time
You only got one life to live
So what you gon' do when you see that Nine?
You best to hide behind yo uncles and cousins
That done some time
You best to pay close attention
To what I'm spittin' in my rhymes

[Outro: C-Rock]
d**h to pigs, you know what it is
Where them (?) cliques?
Represent where yo cliques are from
Throw yo sets like this
Manson clique, Manson f**ing clique, Manson f**ing clique
Manson clique, Manson f**ing clique, Manson f**ing clique

[News Reporter Robert Kovacik]
LAPD Commander Andy Smith tells me tonight
That these are cases back from the height
Of the Manson family crimes spree, four decades ago;
Murders under similar circumstances
The LAPD says they're doing this on behalf
Of family members of victims
But a key piece of evidence is still tied up in court

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