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Manson Family - Insanity lyrics

[Hook: C-Rock]
Hitmen in the soul when we are family, insanity
Choppin' body parts into infinity, my Tennessee's
React to (?) reflex, my enemies were sent to me
Leave a bloody mess upon his ceiling, now a memory
Scattered bladders, I don't give a piss about a ratta-tatta
Surgical steel placed, I open up your chest
That blood splatters
Beggin' me to stop or save yo (?) because it do not matter
Welcome to the dark side, now reducing you to human cattle

[Verse 1: Lil Jack]
Witnessing pain from these motherf**ing buckshots
Mind twisted, bliss from hallucinations, ammunition spittin'
Hear a n***a (?) fourties and thirty, thirty, thirty gauges
Ma**acre, mind gone and thrown off coke
Nine chromes and blown off throats
(?) out the sun roof, move, we shoot
With the chrome tec nine and a black deuce deuce
With the mask out, tryin' to (?) shock
Seventeen shot, double them Glock
Nervous with a hole in his skull
(?) gettin' dug, swerve to the curb
Reefer, Hennessy
Breakin' down my Manson Tennessee's
I pistol whoop a motherf**er til I think he dead
It's the four shot mag and a carca** ready
Silencers, calibers, thinkin' 'bout a chainsaw ma**acre
Head straight to da door with da calico
Uh, gone off a pile of coke
Slug to the motherf**ing chamber
Ski mask you scary b**h
Pistol grip, snub-nose, thirty gauge hammers
We ride you scary b**h

[Hook: C-Rock]

[Verse 2: C-Rock]
Homicide ain't no option, it's just the choice to k** a n***a
Feel a n***a when I leave a n***a rotting
Organs fall out his body, open 'em up with a surgical (?)
... this the autopsy
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n***as can't rob me, take it from me, take it from me
It's like a n***a givin' up his will to breathe
I never feel defeat, so when I feel the beat
I really talk about the sh** a n***a do in these streets
"You better watchin'" this what these n***as was sayin'
About me, so why a n***a wanna doubt me
Motherf**ers ride deep in the eight street
k**a (?) droppin' bullets off in yo a** and yo family
M-A-N-S-O-N, we some murderers
Pull the n***a out that's talkin' sh** and we gon' f** him up
Russian roulette with a bullet, you lucky son
Now that you know about (?) what is up
n***a better duck, I got a porch like a truck
Get the nine (?) won't bust
And it's no love, wrap a body in the rug
Put him in the fireplace and watch it turn to dust
I got a bloodlust, feel like chopping 'em up
Body parts in the motherf**in' trunk tucked
... Chevy outside full of rust
(?) tanks and I'm still ridin' high as f**, n***a what

[Hook: C-Rock]

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Yes I got merchandise, this is a merchant's price
Yes I got what you like, sell your soul for this ice
If you want c**a-in-ah, drop it straight on the Beamer
Eyes poppin' out the socket, grindin' down all yo teeth-ah
Potent of opiates, Opana down to that boy
Push it into your veins, nod off the feel of joy
Heroin in grey and beige, these b**hes; they will obey
These n***as they noddin', about to fall on they f**in' face
Sex on that Tussionex, yes it's that yellow dick
Put a line on her a**, sniff it right off the b**h
Yes and I sell 'em too, she choose me; she choose a fool
Come to gorilla school, I beat you, you break the rules
Yes I'm the Scarecrow, d** and pimpin' I'm raised on
I'm from that k**a M, you pop or get popped on
You need it, we got it, you want it we sell in packets
And push it
I roll it, don't tell it, I'll k** you, you lookin'

[Hook: C-Rock]

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