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Manson Family - The Chop Shop lyrics

[Verse 1: Lil Jack, from the Manson Family ]
Look out b**h welcome to the chop shop
See we flip anything get it out quick believe me got
Anything that you need see me I leave em bleeding
Rumour is I'm a little bit greedy post it, post it
Got the block hot, crops, blocks, choppers at the chop shop
Chop the hand off defeat em barely beat em
Turn this b**h into a slaughterhouse
Say endophile the end up leaving
Bloody fingerprints all on the windows
This for my kin folk, we got pot, X, purple, blow, rocks, b**h
Welcome, welcome to the chop shop

[Verse 2: Lil Sko, from the Manson Family]
This is a violent daytime ma**acre
And I'm strapped with two machete, sh**
Haters got me hot and moody time to introduce (?)
They don't know the Sko

[Verse 3: Dada]

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[Verse 4: Kuku]

[Verse 5: Lil Witness]
Welcome to the stop where the ammunition's heavy
Ain't nobody rogue as me, it's deadly

[Verse 6: B-Dub]
Here we go and hit em, k** em now motherf**ers should've learned now it's time make a b**h slip sill
I'ma turn this body take a fetty rip 'em up and demolish everything you got up in a b**h wrists real
Shoulda never run it with your mouth shoulda never thought you could get away when the sh** get real
Now you gotta

[Verse 7: C-9]

[Verse 8: Smoke]

[Verse 9: C-Rock, from the Manson Family]

[Verse 10: T-Rock]

[Verse 11: Merciles]

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