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Mansionz - STFU lyrics

I ain't hit you back and you are overreacting
Hate that shit with a passion
Have a little self-respect i wanna put you on blast
But you should go head and practice

Shut the fuck up now and let me breathe
Shut the fuck up, let me do my thing
Slow down, Slow down, Slow down
Quit hittin my phone up, Quit hittin my phone up
Quit hittin my phone, slow down

I ain't hit you back now you are overreacting
Now i don't play the elastic
You be like when we gonna fuck
What we gonna do
You should trynna quit asking

You should Shut the fuck up now and let me breathe
Shut the fuck up and let me do my thing

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Mike Posner:
People talk to much shit in my face
In my face, 'round my back, on the phone
Ain't been famous for a while but I'm still up in my zone

If I pour it in my tea, I smell like heaven, I'm a diva (diva)
Bangin' Aaliyah so loud in my speaker that I can not hear you no, I'm gone
Don't you be blowin' up my phone
I'm in a different time zone
Ever since a matter of time, all my girls is badder than nine
Hope to banish the debt, you hammered, you still don't know how to handle your wine
That's probably why you're hittin' me more
Yeah I've got a rule because I've done this before
Just fuck 'em three times and don't fuck 'em no more
Cause they just fall in love if you fuck 'em the forth (woo)
Don't get me right, I really like it when we're vibin'
But when I'm in another city, shh, be quiet

shut the fuck up right now and let me be me
Shut the fuck up right now, let me do my thing
Slow down, slow down, slow down
Quit hitting my phone up, quit hitting my phone up
Quit hitting my phone, slow down

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