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Mansions - Por Favor Is Spanish lyrics

She was kissing somebody who wasn't her boyfriend
She met him at a bar, he was a hot Australian
She didn't mean to do it but she liked his accent
And somehow I'm responsible
Then her friend decided to go home with one of his friends
They spent the night at his place in the north of Florence
All she really wanted was to f** his accent
And somehow I'm responsible
I've only known you for a month
Shouldn't have taken so long to realize that you s**
I hope you're getting what you want
Cheating on your boyfriend and acting like a slut
One's in the corner and the other is laughing
I'm sitting at the bar wondering if I should take action
They told me what they wanted but this wasn't an accident
And why am I responsible
That's it, I'm leaving
It ain't worth it for free beer
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There's way too many reasons I shouldn't be here
Then one follows me out, and I can see she's in tears
Why am I responsible?
Well shame on you, and shame on me
Shame on your favorite Aussie
And I don't know just how this happened
But I'll blame you, and you'll blame me
And then we'll blame society
And I don't care if we're never really ever friends again
I walk her home and tell her not to worry
I'm not a saint and I've been there myself
But you gotta tell him or it will eat you empty
You're not protecting him, you're protecting yourself
Ah hell, you blew it kid, it's already done
So go ahead and do whatever you want
Cause no matter what you do, it'll always feel wrong
And if it don't feel any different
Then be pretty sure that there was nothing there all along

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