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Mansions - Curacao Blue lyrics

I know what shirt you were wearing when I first bared your bones
And in the light of the television, you were my own
Did you think I would stay?
Did you think I would go?
I was the one to make you aware of the things you ought to know
I was still waiting for the daylight when you appeared
And when I'd wrap my arms around you
I wasn't scared
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I know just what I was drinking when I first was untrue
Sea air, cheap beer, and some loneliness all mixed with curacao blue
Did I think it would stay?
What happens there doesn't go
She was the one to make me aware of the things I ought to know
It was a mistake that caused your heartache
I was just a kid, you should have seen yourself
We were so young, but oh so serious
And I understand exactly why I fell: I didn't really want you or myself

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