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Mansa Obi - Young Malcolms lyrics

Verse I

Lady a ten, say she from Morocco
I know where she been
I know what she do, and know what she's into
Treat how she want to be treated, because I know what she been through
Never been a fan of a lame
Never been a fan of propane
She gave me her celly at 711
But I don't remember her name
And, I don't remember her face
I just remember her frame
Searching for something worth dying for, thirsting for fortune and fame baby
Bad biddy from the motherland, go together like a gold watch
Red hills in Cordoba, mama get the green she a goer
And that's top notch, top notch
Been going hard, so why stop now?

Malcolm X:
"The most disrespected person in America is the Black woman
The most unprotected person in America is the Black woman
The most neglected person in America is the Black woman
And, as m**ms the honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us to respect our women and to protect our women. The only time a m**m really gets real violent is when someone goes to molest his woman."

Verse IIa
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Baby girl you the baddest, why you rolling in the presidential carriage
And I'm fly as Aladdin you can be my Jasmine, thieves in the palace
Get the greens and the cabbage, from Thebes to Paris
Coast money in the cabin honey in the palace busy living lavish

Sandra Bland:
"If we want to change we can really truly make it happen
You know we sit out here and talk about
Oh we need the next so and so and this and that
No you don't!
No you don't
Start in your own homes
Start with you."

Verse IIb

Switching lanes in the Aston and she ain't in the pa**enger
Mami gone swerve to, good girls gone ride hold it down mother Africa
Ball out, bad girl, I know you do
Is it bad that, never made love but I love you?

Malcolm X:
"We will k** you for our woman, I'm making it plan
We will k** you for our woman!"

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