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Mansa Obi - Elite(11:33) lyrics

Man, I feel like I'm finna change the world with this one
I'm so serious, its F**king 6:40AM
No sleep, if you want it like I want it
sh**s crazy…

Verse I

I'm doing fine, really can't complain
Stress on my mind, but it's all apart of the game we playing
Middle finger to law
Lord these Ngus is tryna' get me
I'm ducking the bullets, plumes of dume
Busting, they really tryna' hit me.(Yea)
But I'm too slick to quit, too ill to chill too real to feel
That anything less is justice
Look I'm so ahead of my time, that I will probably die
Before you Ngus get to know me
Yellow drag in the see through yellow bag
Told red chill babe you're moving too fast
Gave her the silver now she say she finna cream
Couldn't smoke purple, she was too green
Ngu I'm rolling up the planes, I call her Jane even though we on the first name
Basis, don't expect you to get it but if you do you do and if you don't you don't
Smoking that funky skunk the bella rouge la fruge feminine' skunke' skunk
I got N.O attitude multiplied by the high times 25
Now that's divided by 10, shiiit so that 2.5 in my living room
Now that's 11:33, so if I get another 204 homie that'll be Swed
Matter fact that'll be eLite(1337ad)
See this sh** is not for no amateurs and perfect joints are for cameras
So ngus stop flashing lights, camera action type..
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Bridge I

I'm so up here right now, can you see me from way down there
Now you're looking up for me…
And when I'm here you're gone on
Looks like no ones home to me

Verse II

Low budgets weak hearts and all ngu
And when summer comes you Fall Ngu!
It's all rigged they want me to k** ya'll Ngus
And yall Ngus to k** to me
Playing the game ain't the same as a game plan
You are now in the presence of a made man
Not saying that I'm the main man, but the main man
Told me in a dream that the world need fixing
The poor stay poor and the rich get richer
Crack still selling and them guns still clicking
sh**, so I'm aiming beyond famous
Beyond the lights and the life
The hype and the nights, chasing heights
The flights to milan
Tryna' make it to dawn but it seems so far
Lord! Got me feeling like david here
This world's corrupt as the f** and I hate it here
But, am I sinning because I made it here?
Spending nights on the block
It seems so wrong but the ice on the watch
The stare at the drop make the feds wanna' watch
Make the feds wanna watch' Skywalka sh** Ngu

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