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Mansa Obi - Black Power lyrics

Black Power Ft Kwame Toure

"Stokely Carmichael!"

(Black Power Black Power)

Kwame Ture:

"In this country you were to think that white people were God, that they had the right to give us our freedom. And, so what we had to do was to beg them or to act the way they want us to act before they gave us our freedom.

We must stop seeking to imitate white society. We must create for ourselves to save our very humanity.
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Because, the fight for Black Power in this country is indeed a fight
to civilize a barbaric country, the United States We have to be able to gather the strength.

You must be able to get the guts as the intellectuals society
of the black society to say.

We are Black.
Our noses are broad.
Our lips are big.
Our hair is nappy.
And, we are beautiful.
And, we are beautiful!.
And, we are beautiful!"

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