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Mansa Obi - Human Resources lyrics

Omali Yesh**ela

"All of Europe and America built itself at the expense of Africa.
It's not just discovering Africa, they discovered Africa a long time ago.
That's how I happened to be here, that's how we happened to get separated from each other because they discovered Africa a long time go.

And, all the wealth that you see in Europe and north american came there as a consequence of the enslavement of black people.

We have been dispersed all around the world and we have created life and resources for everybody except Africa and African people. That's why we are poor all of the planet.

Even in places where major corporations are now discovering Africa bringing their corporation there, the ma**es of African
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people on the continent are starving.

We live in a world where half, more than 80% of the people on earth try and survive off less that ten U.S dollars a day. 50% of the people on earth try and survive off two dollars and fifty cent or less a day. And, if you're in Africa you're lucky if you get a dollar a day to survive.

That has to change, that's why Africa has to come together to overturn this parasitic relationship that Europe and north
america have to us. We must overturn that.

That's why Africa must unite and African people all around the world must unite so that we can have a future and our
children can have a future.

Because, the truth of the matter is, there is no black
person on the face of the earth that can say with certainty that we know that our child we have a future as it exist today. We have to make the future for ourselves."

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