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Mansa Gory - Vae Victis lyrics

The fork, the fork, the fork in the road
The crossroads I find myself at again
Fear has no home, no hold, no hand in this
Relentless spirit fed by the need to reinvent

Today our souls
Tomorrow the world

Your corpse, my ladder
Vae, Vae, Vae Victis
Woe to, the conquered
Woe to, woe to you

The failing of, the failing of the right
The faux life you can not bear to believe
I ride the backbeat like a viper, smarter
Looking down at me your defenses follow
Please under, underestimate me
It fuels the reactor within
Focus on the horizon and
All the burning buildings lose their glare

Vae, Vae, Vae Victis

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If I can't change the world I'll change myself
Redesign based on knowledge of the past
Stronger from, that which only wounded
Equipped to exploit the weakness inherit
The path of least resistance holds no interest
At war with the failings of my own flesh
So sure I'm meant to be this way, this man
Despite doubt telling me, how wrong I am

Feet don't fail me now

If I go
I remember
I was born ready to die
Hold firm
Hold fast
Choose this path and never
Look back

[Chorus] x1.5
Vae, Vae, Vae Victis

Today our souls
Tomorrow the world

[Chorus] x2

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