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Mansa Gory - Mission To Mars lyrics

My bed is a stranger now
Has been for years I fear
This half-life dream sustained
One wrong step and it's
Over the edge for us all
Monitor glow in the black of
Night lighting this mission to mars
The stars always feel so close
I can smell their fear of falling
“Stay hungry” Dee's been telling me for years

Slumber just an excuse to
Fall behind the pack you sheep
My after-burn consumes your
Lack of willingness to not
Fade away
Intoxicating white noise
Of midnight in this city
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Energizing or exhausting
I can never tell anyway
Not that it would ever matter

Just gimme one inch
And I will take your life
To places you never dreamed
Just gimme one inch
And I will make my life
Everything I've ever known I would be

Peace only to be found
In d**h
At full speed
Full speed ahead


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