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Mansa Gory - Lifesblood lyrics

And I find when I'm held down
It only makes me stronger
Oppression tries and strength is found
The pressure fuels my hearts hunger


And I know I'm just a little man
But it's not hard to k**
When you're pissed like I am
So take my hate and all my pain
And breed the beast inside of me
The moon it seems so huge tonight
And it just might be
Falling down on me
If I'm not the d**h of me
You will be

I Struggle, I suffer, and I scream
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Losing Lifesblood yet it seems
I'm ruthless, relentless, unseen
I am straining for these dreams

And I burn
The souls and bones of my enemies
They fuel the engine of my subjugation
Inject my veins with your alcohol stains
Drown my hate
A smoking guns my fate
If I'm not the d**h of me
Then you, you
Then you will be

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Tell me, tell me I'm dieing (die)
I've not yet begun to live (to live)
Tell me, tell me I'm wrong (wrong)
I've never been so strong (so strong)

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