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Mansa Gory - Jekyll Better Hyde lyrics

I hate my flesh even more than I hate yours
If that even could be possible
I'm weighed down by all of my judgment
And my reluctant acceptance of it
Still it seems I can't hate myself enough
Enough to just get through to you
I wish I could make you feel the way that I do
The way that I do when I hear you

All I am
Jekyll better Hyde
The remains of the monster in me
Protects the poison pumping heart
That powers all I am

No one listens when you're louder than the rest
Ego big enough to see in black and white
Painfully aware of the day the rug will run away
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With reigns in hand there's no hiding to be had
Aching to chronicle this moment this one emotion
Each previous word too inspired to better
Longing to know if aliens wander the streets like I
Fairly certain I'm not entirely alone on this earth


Backwards world, back to me
Into a corner, back from the dead
Deep breaths, white knuckles
Fogged eyes and muscles of stone
These bridges burn and I will not stand still
Friction fostering all these flames


All I am
Since I found the will to better myself
I will find the strength to defeat you

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