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Mansa Gory - Exhortation lyrics

Thinking back I can't remember
A time when this pain did not define me
This pressure crushing my heart
Centrifugal, tearing me apart
Running full force for all these years
Just counting the moments 'till I collapse
Holding the weight of your world and mine
I swear it's going to k** me

I don't need your ignorance
I don't need your cowardice
Parading as my deliverance

These broken blisters bleeding
Through constricted hands
I will not lie for you

Cold, the cold, the cold that reaches my bones
Like so many times it has before
It's a pain I feel I must endure
As if suffering gives meaning
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If I found the peace I dream of
Would it ever be enough to calm me
Am I built to be your lost soul
Or do I need your hell to draw my breath


The look, in your eyes. it amplifies
The words, like knives, flying from your mouth
The look, in your eyes, it exemplifies
Everything, everything decrepit in you

So sick and twisted
In my own head
I feel the need to punish me
For not having
The strength I need
To hold up every wall that falls on me
That falls on me


I will not lie
For you

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