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Mansa Gory - Driven lyrics

Let's go

This small woods, backwater pond
My old home of disillusioned discontent
Hindsight holding hostage these years of memories
I'm feeling guilt for my nostalgia all the same

Smoke screens like fog
Cold beer and hot ash
Your dreams no longer than words
And that's just not good enough for me

Not good enough

Retrace my steps, retrace and replay
Come alive at midnight by headlight
We roam the streets with cops and criminals
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Which one ya wanna be tonight?

This pavement it, hums my name
As if it knows me intimately
Even when, back then I could never
Imagine I would ever be here now

Black on black will give you a heart attack
Not prodigal, I'm never coming back


These years meld comfort to genetics
I might just be ok with this red neck now
I'm proud these hands built everything you see
A simple man who knows nothing of your simple plans


This crown feels lighter the faster my charger goes
If I ever gave a damn you can keep it

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