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Mallory Merk - Iggady (Remix) lyrics

You already know...

[Verse 1: Bali Baby]
Miss Brazy Biggady (what's brackin'?)
I cut that bitch head off and walk away gigglin' (hahahahaha)
It do not make sense to me
How you so gangster but only pop through a screen? (off twitter)
I'm countin' up all this green (I'm countin' the money)
I fucked on her friend then I passed that bitch through the team (through my team)
Ass so phat busting through the seam (ass so phat)
I promise I won't miss cause you know I got the beam (got the beam)
We rock that shit now she's a fiend (yeah she love it)
Ridin' round wit the shooter call it riggady (riggady)
There is no ending me (there is no ending me)
Pull up to the party, clear the vicinity (goodbye)
Get killed cause of stupidity
I can't trust these niggas I got a Glock gliggady
She popping it willingly (she popping it willingly)
My words is so sick giving great fucking imagery (you just see me)
Walk in his cribbady (walk straight in)
Smoking it good like he smoking his ciggady (yuh)
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Paranormal activity (hahaha)
I love yo bitch yeah she say I'm in her fantasy (yeah she love me)

[Verse 2: Rico Nasty]
This guys got me smiggady (smacked)
Hit you three times you think its a damn trilogy
Know these lil bitches envy me
When you see me in person just keep the same energy
DAMN, must be kidding me
They finessed you again you bout sweet as some ciggady (some candy)
Your boyfriend keep missing me (keep missing me)
Said that he want this pussy cause my shit too slippery (too slippery)
Why you keep on sneak dissing me? (sneak dissing me)
Fuck round and get yo ass smoked just like hickory

[Verse 3: Mallory Merk]
I get so high I forget to respond
You talking that shit I'll pull up to ya lawn (I pull up)
My savages wanna shoot up your garage
Hoes in the foreign we breaking the law
Bank Riggady (haha)
My shooters got cases in 10 different citiddies
Don't get under my skinnady
Bali POP on yo ass, wipe you off the griddady

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