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Malcolm Holcombe - Those Who Wander lyrics

Trucks whine in the distance
In the rain in the hills
Highways stretchin' fingers
To the lonesome emptiness
Lonesome emptiness

No wishes to stay home
No reason lustin's gone
Leave this land for profit
Abandon to belong
Abandon to belong

Gra** turns green in springtime
Soft as baby's hair
Summer give to autumn
And leaves dance in the air
Leaves dance in the air

Many those who wander
Cryin' for the sun
Lyin' to their footsteps
Forgettin' ev'ryone
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Forgettin' ev'ryone

Winter keeps expected
Work goes on and hard
Warm inside the mem'ries
And grateful where you are
Grateful where you are

Where i am is with you
Not lookin' far away
Stillness comes to listen
And move me when i stay
Move me when i stay


Concrete holds the steel
Above the tortured fields
Steel remembers nuthin'
But twisted memories
Twisted memories.


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