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Malcolm Holcombe - Reckon to the Wind lyrics

The mornin' sun's a climbin'
High into the sky
Windin' screamin' sounds
Makes the destination down

Down in with the tide
Pullin' side to side
The motion makes believin'
All the time goes by

River's slippin' eyes
Smokin' cigarettes at nite
Recollectin' your demise
Way out west in the mornin'

All the friends and family
Travel to a vision
Guessin' where you've gone
In the sweeter by and by
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I know what you're doin'
I know where ya been
Ah but you can only reckon to the wind
You can only reckon to the wind

A young man is your double
Maybe he wont die in trouble
Twenty dollars makes ya humble
When ya roll across the sky

When all is said and done
I'll be walkin' on the run
Lookin' up and down the sky
For your mem'ries
Close behind.


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