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Malcolm Holcombe - Comes the Blues lyrics

LA and Chicago San Antonio
Another man has left you behind
Another woman cries for a sweeter taste of life
Those days have gone to sadness in your eyes

Standin' on the steps growin' older with regret
As i travel down the roads of my past
I wonder if she dreams of layin' in your arms
Late at night when stillness lingers on

Out of the city comes the blues
Grabbin' hold of me and you
Chokin' mem'ries by the hands of the truth
Out of the city comes the blues
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Denver tallaha**ee and lovely new orleans
I wonder if you'll miss me when i'm gone
Some people they dont want to remember what has been
Blowin' kisses to the sadness in the wind


Cocaine and the cops and the needles never stop
They follow me where ever i go
I always think of you and will you love me when i'm through
And beggin' to be left all alone.



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