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Malcolm Holcombe - I Call The Shots lyrics

When that woman comes back from 'er mother's
And i'm flush to beat the band
I'm gonna tell 'er how much i love 'er
Gonna tell 'er i'm her man

Yeah i gotta plan to do things right
When my baby comes down the line
In the palm o' my hand she's gonna sit pretty
When the money she gets is mine

When the money she gets is mine
I'm really gonna run things right
A deal is a deal when i call the shots
And ev'rybody answers to me

Yeah a man needs a whole lotta money
To tell people what to do
This time round she'll listen to me
And make my dreams come true
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You see i had some dough a long time ago
I didnt know how to play the game
Nobody gave me the time o' day
Nobody knew my name


Damn 12 more years in this rotten place
The damn judge didnt understand
People didnt do what i told em to do
Now my baby's got another man

Yeah i been set up i been double-crossed
But next time round i'll show em
I got plenty o' brains and i'll be the boss
And you'll know which way i'm goin'.


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