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Malcolm Holcombe - Early Mornin' lyrics

Early mornin' in the fog thick as hasty puddin'
That ol' mailbox is a ways away that ol' road keeps a washin'
Washin' up purty quartz rocks and mica shinnin' in the sun
Ridin' on the back o' ol' nellie daddy pa settin' t'bacca
Leather reins in 'is big ol' hands i hear 'im geein' and a hawin'
And the radio flyer wheels keepa rollin'
Faster down the hill makes it so hard a growin' up

Dinner time in the hollar washin' up good in the wellhouse
Wipe yor feet for ya come inside says mama king in the kitchen
Ummm cookin' up country ham lord she brought it in from the smokehouse
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Thankyou Lord sayin' grace at the table but i never prayed long enough

Table scraps nah there wasnt too many put em in a bucket an' slop the hogs
Bolt action singleshot twenty two remington rifle
k**ed a hog ev'ry year and alotta tin cans and daddypa smilin'

Bedtime's at sundown lay awake an' listen
Listen to the restless thinkin' in my head
Early mornin' in the fog thick as hasty puddin'

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