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Malcolm Holcombe - The Music Plays On lyrics

The louisville slugger and geronimo
It was downtown broadway loud rock n' roll
Radartown made a mark on the cover
But the music plays on from the louisville slugger

Too many years slipped by in a whisper
But the songs of a picker and a singer keep livin'
A name has a face on the lips of a stranger
Kindly warm and never forsaken


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Dont 'member much o' nuthin' that happened one nite
But we played up some songs in that ol barroom light
Soft pillows dont matter when your head keeps a thrashin'
Jack told us the truth like it really just happned


Now friends do you favors when you might least expect it
Like scatterin' your ashes underneath some ol branches
Seven years pa**ed nine apple trees empty
Til the ashes from the slugger gave one tree a plenty

Chorus (rex bob lowenstein made a mark on the cover...)

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