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Malcolm Holcombe - Sign For A Sally lyrics

There's a cigar box full o' usual toys
And the dragon fly was dead
Locked up inside the usual noise
That happens in my head

She sewed my clothes with a wrinkled nose
I was glad to have a drink
Some swedish lies and the price was right
In the mississippi heat

Mississippi heat's alive and well
Smilin' up the alley all black and white
With a sign for a sally
And a righteous fare thee well

She was clingin' to me i was singin' to her
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Suffocation made the play
I was strung out cold lookin' out the door
In the mississippi heat

So i split the scene back east to dream
In another state affair
Stealin' sleep inside a bottle
From the mississippi heat


You can change your clothes maybe change your mind
Even buy a point o' view
But the same ol joe wakes up in the mornin'
With the blues inside o' you


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