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Malcolm Holcombe - Doin' His Job lyrics

Up on a roof down in a ditch
Workin' in a plant it dont matter what shift
Jesus is there and i just cant quit
Doin' my job

Layin' rock drivin' a nail
Drivin' a truck deliverin' mail
Jesus is there and he never fails
When i'm doin' my job

Thankyou lord for my job
Praise your name in the mornin' light
Gonna keep on prayin' mornin' noon and night
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Thankyou lord sweet lord for my job

A doctor and a nurse a deacon and a preacher
A waitress in a cafe and a school teacher
Jesus is there now i'm a new creature
Tryin' to do my job

The grace of the Good Lord givin' us life
A mother and a baby husband and a wife
Jesus on calvery willin' to die
He was doin' his job doin' his job


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