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Malcolm Holcombe - Leonard's Pigpen lyrics

Seen you hangin' outta window
Strugglin' to the trees
Swingin' for the younguns
They gonna catch a sweeter breeze

Got uncle davey's letters
Hunched down twixt d'lines
He's scratchin' in the sideyard
And i'm beatin' outta time

Dodgin' leonard's pigpen sweet sister
Dodgin' brother leonard's pigpen

Ol' cousin mickey's courtin'
He's cocky like a crow
I'm done flyin' outta texas
Aimin' closer to my nose

Now there's boots up to a man's shoulders
She's a woman scrappin' on a hill
Livin' dead outta dumpsters
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Don't believe it man i had my fill
Man i had my fill


Junior's bulgin' in the battle
Gamblin' face about
I made my records in the courthouse
Playin' wall-eyed south


Seen history books for breathin'
Riddled by the wind
They let me outta greenville
Now a hurtin's sinkin' in

Repeat first verse

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