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Malcolm Holcombe - White Wash Job lyrics

I get my news lookin' at you
I live the blues cause you butcher the truth
Hearsay monkey do dolittle candyman
You know who's who in a bulletproof jetplane

He sits in the corner aint the same
Passed on to the sixth grade barely write his name
Knowledge is power education is the law
Loopholes for cowards and justice for all haha

It's a whitewash job
It's a job
It's a whitewash job
Whitewashin' job

Fda gonna turn my head around
Six pills ev'ryday in a highrise junkietown
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He works for fema saw him last nite
Very relieved all day lyin' haha


People on the street no place to go
Mobile homes in the fields sittin' empty i know
Ping pong paddles blackwater come an' getcha
People need a hospital not a dc doolittle haha


Turnin' a deaf ear turnin' a blind eye
Turnin' my stomach here vommit on the inside
Ten years later twenty or thirty
I see ya come clean but right now you're dirty haha


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