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Malcolm Holcombe - In Your Mercy lyrics

They bring me food and water
In this room is all i know
But my thirsty spirit keeps me
In your mercy where i go

I use to do what made me happy
Now my weary hands are tied
To a struggle to remember
Where i am and why i cry

All my diamonds have been stolen
All my clothes are very few
My poor daughter she comes to hold me
Singin' hymns forever true
Singin' hymns forever true

My home and all i worked for
Has been sold and surely gone
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Only strangers come to see me
And they never stay too long

My poor dead husband was a kind man
Workin' numbers was his game
I got lost in separation
But he took me back again


Turnaround 2x

Time has many troubles
But many years will tell the truth
In the mem'ries of all who suffered
Abandoned and confused.


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