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Malcolm Holcombe - Gone Away at Last lyrics

The search lights beg to dim
In the blood of nightimes cover
No human sounds within
The lonely thoughts of lovers

The routine hammers solid
In the heads of spit and spoiled
(only) broken from contentions
Of the jealous snake's recoil

The lonely thoughts of lovers
What if and yet to pa**
Satisfaction deals are over
And gone away at last

So strike back from the corner
Hold back nuthin' more
k** your understandin'
And patience nevermore

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Outrun the speed of light (my friend)
Go hide among your thoughts
The searchlights may grow dim again
Your love may not be sought


At last the heartache found you
The silverspoon will rise
And choke you black and bluer
Til the stars turn from your eyes

Surround yourself with sadness
Surrender to the noise
Of distant dirges comin'
To keep you company


Gone away at last.

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