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Malcolm Holcombe - Heidelberg Blues lyrics

Hide your bones among the castles
When the bombs fall once again
Go live among the ruins
Of the never changin' wind

The trains don't run on time I know
Like the bells upon the hills
They set your mind in motion
With the morning whipporwills

The streets came fast and winding
From town to town to here
I pray out loud too quickly
Then slowly disappear

No sins among the fathers
Can n'er be to be forgot
But no innocence is lost in
The wonder of the stars

Let me choose the high road
To listen to the words
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Of ones who lived before me
And died in Heidleberg

The shadows gently swallow
The night so incomplete
Without your hand to guide me
And hold me as I sleep

I'm not afraid to suffer
The scorn between your lips
The morning is the morning
And heidleberg is yours

I tried to do a demon's work
And bare the cross of fate
My God in heav'n judge my curse
And my time in heidleberg

How many souls will never know
The springtime once again
How many empty hearts will cry
They were in Heidleberg

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