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Malakyte - Zero Hour lyrics

Critical Ma** is rising
Reactors are set to explode
Uranium count is gaining
Acrid scent of flesh erodes
Radioactive fallout choking out the air
Contaminate the earth
Eyes burn fron nuclear glare
Cancerous mutation grows within
Agonising d**h slowly takes hold
Iron curtain cloaks the lies
Burning bodies dumped into the cold
Nuclear poison fills our lungs
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The day of reckoning is at hand
Zero Hour is drawing near
Meltdown has claimed the land
Sound the warning sirens
Sulphuric poison replaces air
The taste of d**h, in our mouths
Gamma levels beyond compare
Radiation sickness
Taking over me
Ma** destruction, the fault of man
Last minutes of agony
Darkness shrouds my d**h

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