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Malakyte - Inbetween Terminals lyrics

Waking up from a morbid dream
Felt like I'd been sleeping or could it all be real?
All the images are burnt into my brain
Scarred from the memories, left to remain
My adversary, we'll dig the graves
No sanctuary for the souls we stir
Vessels of evil brought forth by time
Faith will not save these souls tonight
Rise... to fall... in vain...
Fall... to rise... again...
The faces still point and laugh at you now
You thought you could stop them
But they've slipped through the walls
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The forces are too strong and now you're on your knees
Without a voice nobody will answer your call
Running down the path without an end
Now there's no-one left to cleanse you of your crime
Fall without a net, you're looking for a way
But the door will only open when the clock will chime
Rise... to fall... in vain...
Fall... to rise... again...
Win... to lose... the game...
Lose... to win... again...
The hourgla** is filling and the dagger's deepened in
Just praying to the wall because no-one will cleanse my sins
Every day you keep on fighting your battle between the zones
For all of us it never ends, the wheel spins on its own

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