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Malachi - The KGB lyrics

[Verse 1: Malaki]
The KGB make this stage twice as dangerous as these streets
Malaki and Binary form all these spontaneous beats
Formed the lyrically elite, piece to the conquistador beats
When we unsheathe the swords and the One Man Army brings beats to boards
We tell you angrious beats, defy your atheist beliefs
Malaki could get a crowd of paraplegics outta their seats
When I strangle the mic, I mangle your a** slow and painfully
Be thankful you still alive
While the faithfully by the frames catch records eye
You choose to dangerously tangle with me
You can hang out make Jack the Ripper look like your guardian angel anger me
I'll give you enough mic cable to hang yourself
Place your name on the waitin list for hell
With the rest of the cell gangsters
And gashes on your back with the lashes with the mic cord
Warlords, storm stages making mic stand pipe bombs
And Molotovs out of Krylon Cans meet my demands
Or you'll have a Michigan mic ma**acre on your hands

[Verse 2: Senim Silla]
Bio-hazardous Agent Orange, Silla's airborne
Infectuous rhyme lectures spit quick and effective
Dangerous, lethal languages of slang I k**
Murder he wrote, an a**a**in would remain my sk**
Senims a rough son of a gun keep razors under my tongue
Strike with enough force to puncture a lung
I'm lyrically harmful, literally speaking
Emcees Im proud beatin, demeanin and ill treatin
Get introduced to mines and meet your demise
I despise rap guys and all they whack ties
Cause in my eyes, all men are not considered equal
Especially if you ain't one of Binary's people

[Verse 3: Texture]
I'm what you asking for
I'll give you that plus a cla**ic more, hand delivery
Verbal total package raw, the mental matador
Mic heavyweights to shake the planet core
With one verse
Got you thinking, "Yo cancel the war"
You flirtin' with d**h
Better off dancing with wolves
Stabbin' yourself in your vocal chords with cancerous swords
After this track, I hit the streets recruiting new thugs
Cause we got your squad holding hands in group hugs
The die harders and orbits like a monster in your closet
Challenging us is like playing a possum with a carca**
You could never win
Hopin' your DJ specialize in medicine
Cause the Athletic army conquers and divides your regiment
The MI residence is known for talkin' sh**
Got my reputation ripping in the heart of the mit
A fortunate gift
Bent lines that'll force you to quit
Drop the mic and have you writing for the source or some sh**

[Verse 4: Elzhi]
These n***as backstab like they Benedict
Drag they face in the mud til they mouth looks like they bit a brick
Bust like Magnificent Seven on horseback
Unsigned but find my rap quotables in a Source ma-
Gazine for fiends who fiend for guillotine sword stat
My tongue is a stinger, my brain is a stun gun
Its deadly as the one you put your thumbs on
And squeeze from the bottom
With fatigues but I'm high in the trees so high I can breath on a falcon
Jump down, sneak up on a emcee from the rear
A predator with the literature
It shows through my signature
Deliver more, did just for your click
Whats even more sick is I'm a visitor
And plus they be diggin more
Scopin the perimeter
Sink within the floor
Terminator 2, split your brain in two
While you snore, keep sleepin
My train of thought is heat seekin
Fade your poor squad like drippin' ink from a pen and adding Clorox
Murder emcees and leave my fingerprints on doorknobs
The court finds me guilty, might be different in the Lord's eyes
An evil genius, I play a villain in a movie
Fingertips touch the ceiling from the revealing of the uzi
And its bloodsport open up my mind from watch those slugs walk gracefully
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Where your head reside is now a vacancy
Elzhi-on, cut the head of a python, with a butcher knife long
When I die I want my third eye born

[Verse 5: O-Type Star]
A sip of liquor, the flow-picker with sensational wool and skin like bra**
The gravitational pull of two stars that's rotatin' like space
Vinyl had me on the train like Lionel... Richie
Broke then rich again, Illinois to Michigan
Spartan conditions I won't b**h but switch again
Style like tracks to smack who can't stab me
I build excitement like Pontiac Grand Prix
Wider is better, Iller is deffer
Im trying to count zeros and hoes like Hugh Hefner
The O-B-A-F-G-K-M
My squad all stars, s**as we slave them
O-Type Star I blew spots when I said things
My thoughts take flight like black hawks with red wings
Im slicka then a oil refinery
I hit your whole system when I shine with the Binary

[Verse 6: Lacks]
And I'm in the presence of perfection
I could give a f** about you lyin'
Saying your style is free when its tense like Les Nesman
Im freshman at this game but we trying to graduate
I blow minds but you be blowin funk from the last a** you ate
Now let me ask you straight before I start trippin
Is it me or does something about your lines sound like Nas cause it was bitten?
Your motor sk** is outright and meanin to act fast
I hump rhythms while you couldn't Poke a Tone with Trackmaster
The rap bastard without Wu-Tang
Though, realistically most males are
The differences is I don't judge my manhood by what my sales are
If its about the boldest , Im the most
Im the coldest since winter
To make you stop the tape and inspect the deck like you down with the RZA n***a [Wu-Tang Wu-Tang]
So I advise you to remember your roles
And tell your crew if they got beef, then I can bring the dinner rolls
Over ?? with swing snares and fat drum kits
I sing sweet soliloquies of souls and hold up chicks
I mean chickens runnin off in chickens like beastiality
And for any n***a that want it I drop the beat for you to battle me
Simply to prove at your expense, I be the sh**
Squeezin squares into little pieces like cheese nips

[Verse 7: OneManArmy]
A whack emcee is something I could never be
That's like growing dreadlocks while you taking chemotherapy
Theoretically pen and paper is the recipe
Alphabetically I'm coming after you like the letter V
If you ever step to me, the worst is yet to come
You'll never get the best of me
Call it like a referee
Call it destiny, check the melody
Break the law of gravity
And lyrically catch a felony
I make it harder for the next emcee that's my specialty
Rappers better be tryin ta rap ahead of me
I'm a hard act to follow I could prove it medically
I'm sick in the head I could move a crowd with mental telepathy
Expect nothing less of me, top pedigree
Rap a**a**in, blastin'with syllable weaponry
Shoot the sheriff then the deputy
Don't be testin' me
Whoever think they fat can get the Dick Gregory

[Verse 8: J.U.I.C.E.]
Its countless how many rappers over vinyl we scar
I just rotate and dislocate your spine if we spar
Even freestyle in French when I'm rhyming abroad
I'm in the party rhymin' off Bacardi Lime and cigars
I rattle rappers, and battle rappers trying to be hard
Rap's black jack and JUICE is like a primary card
You secondary, that's why you gotta rhyme with a squad
But genetically y'all n***as is designed to be flawed
Yesterday I spit game at your dime and she paused
To let me see her thick frame and outline of her drawers
So the chance you been looking for is finally yours
But see I'm deadlier than havin' cyanide in your pores
I spin a rhyme, my hand is intertwined with the cord
Slowly the mic is ripped to bits, my dynasty tours
Big JUICE when signin' off with the Binary Stars
The only person who could kick a doper line would be God

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