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Malachi - T*I*O*N lyrics

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I AM SO PREDICTABLE THE OPPOSITE OF DEPENDAPLE I AM JUST SPEAKING THE TRUTH I NEVER KILLED ANY ONE BUT I KNOW WHO DID JOHN WILKS BOOTH. iM SORTA BORD RIGHT NOW I CANT APPREHEND MY COLORFUL FEELINGS. IF YOU KNOW WHAT IM TALKING about this poem will have all you b**hes knelling..... Im just kidding but anyway why bother with the southern states I live in pennsylvaina motha f**a thats a northern state I kinda like it here its really not all that bad. but when you see the people there man they have no swagg. I waste my time hours on gaming on my ps3. Got a new game at gamestop hey all you b**hes look at me! I fell like i'll always be a lonley number like root three a three is all whats good and right why must my three keep out of sight. I know i'll never get to see the sun just like 1.7321 such as my reality a sad irrashinaltiy. I'm trying as hard as I can at work to make a bigger salery. Well its time for me to go I hope you dont mind your pal on the pen Malachi!

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