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Malachi - No Impostors lyrics

[Intro: Swoope]
My God is the ma**ive, monstrous, colossal, conqueror
Accept no impostors

[Hook: Swoope]
Hands up, you know it's going down homie
Champs us, the trophy is a crown homie
Stand up, we lovin' it over here
Winnin' in the cross, His W's over here
Fightin' in a war that I know I'm gonna win
Triumph in the Lord so you know I'm goin' in
Uh, I'm goin' in, uh, I'm goin' in
Uh, I'm goin' in, uh, I'm goin' in
My God is the ma**ive, monstrous, colossal, conqueror
Accept no impostors

[Verse 1: Swoope]
Accept no impostors, partner
It's not ??? rastas
Confucius tried to get a slot on the roster
It's lie mixers tryin' to holla Allah
All them kings is lyin', Mufasa
Mine the only King that died and then got up
God's the monstrous, undefeated boxer
Not the Ca**ius Clay but the potter
The undisputed champion of heavyweights
The wind and waves obey, He tell the weather wait
Destroyin' all rivals
He's over all idols
Man I'm feelin' like a winner cuz He's holdin' all titles
Feelin' good like I'm Pippen with Jordan in the Finals
Or like Fisher with Kobe by his side yo
Cuz no D can destroy the triangle
Father, Son, Spirit, them boys unstoppable
Triumphant conquistador with the crown and throne
The Lord is the King
And I'm enlisted in the Lord's regime
So, who want a war with the King?
I guarantee we lead the war singin' Queen
We are the champions, the champions
My team lead a war with the ???
Victorious, d**h has been swallowed up
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Not stuck in victory's esophagus
Thanks be to Jesus, our ring leader
d**h is without sting, Police no lead singer


[Verse 2: Greg Skinn]
Stand it up, lift your fanny up, and your hands and stuff
Serve a God that man can't touch, like your ???
You foolin' yourself, you're k**in' yourself, slowly
Bro peep the term anti-Christ equals pro-me
God finds the lost sheep and I ain't talkin' Bo Peep
Straight and narrow path, the tight rope that your soul seeks
Holy, triumphant, and yeah He's the triune God
But ??? tryin' hard
They take the Bible out of school and place knowledge where God is
Don't gotta get 'em hooked on crack no more just hooked on phonics
Cuz that's enough to have 'em all chasin' a no treasure
Get to judgment, God be like well we should've known better

[Verse 3: Malachi]
Mission trips, pa**ports, rewind, fast forward
Press play, I get blessed when I don't even ask for it
Jesus took the wheel He need no gas
We just drivin' to the future, the past is in the past
Bumpin' Nehemiah tracks, Hillsong yeah we worship
You can drop the world, God's always holdin' the earth up
Yes this world is fallen, we live inside a dark time
Faith work every hour, third shift and never part time
Separating light and dark, spiritual Apartheid
We are troopers in the storm but we ain't from the dark side
I'm Luke 9 lukewarm, you can catch me readin' Revelations
Jesus is God, I hope you dig it, shovel, excavation
In hospitals healin' patients, takin' doctor's places
And pour a medication out in front of doctor's faces
I keep a colored Bible on me, you can't say I'm racist
Faith is where it all starts
Prosperity preachers turnin' the Church to Walmart
Dollar menu gospels
False prophets, impostors, claimin' that they're apostles
It stops


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