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Malachi - My Statement/The End lyrics

(Chorus: T Haddy)
I'mma do this to the end
Yep I'm gonna do this to the end
Yep I'm gonna rep him to the end
You ain't gotta be the fastest, strongest, long as you make it to the end

(Verse 1: Rawsrvnt)
I'mma make it to the end my friend
I'mma keep it on blast, I'mma keep it on ten
I'mma go all out, 'Til I roll out
Lace up my shoes
It's time to move on the Lord's route, Yo
Narrows the way and truth is displayed
Honesty, Discipline, with a fresh pair of shades
You sip haterade
Man I can't stand y'all
I ain't the tallest in the league but I stand tall, Yo
Toss me the ball, watch me do my thing
I stay in the gym hustling to beat your whole team
Man you thought I would quit with one hit
Man you got twisted
My life on the line, so don't flinch, Blaow
Ring the alarm Cause here I come
More lethal and deadly than a hundred Vietnams
I'm on a war path, you 'bout smell gra**
Call me the energizer bunny cause I'll outlast

(Pre-Chorus: T Haddy)
They call me the Amtrak
Ain't nobody stopping me
The ultimate running back
Ain't nobody blocking me
I'm on my Jagged Edge
Cause I gotta be
The One who always win
On ten, Represent


(Verse 2: Malachi of Gideonz Army)
I'mma tell my story go ahead ignore me
I'm used to it so bore me
Really you can't do nothing else for me
See way back in '89
We was so ahead of our time
One of the first to do this Jesus Music
Y'all ain't paid us no mind
And now we here
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And ain't nobody here going harder
GA we here to stay
Trading places we go barter
Pa** me the ball I'm Carter
I'mma create me a whole new lane
Cause I gotta give it to 'em
Ain't nobody gonna do it like we do it
Thought I told 'em that these Christians we ain't about no games
I'm in the end zone
Anybody within senses will immediately get the picture and gone get gone
It's ridiculous how many became a victim of Malachi getting jiggy in the middle of a hot song
A bang of brothers that's willing to go and die for him
Willing to let the bygones be by goings
We bringing Jesus to the hood let it be understood
You more effective when you working with the right poem
The end I'm going harder than I ever gone before
Never deny the Holy Spirit
I take and overdose
Oh no
We gone let 'em know T Haddy
That we gone bring the pain
And I just can't get happy
Until His Kingdom came, Yeah



(Verse 3: T Haddy)
I might be runnin' outta patience
I hear a voice that's telling me it's worth the waiting
Slow Down, no rush
Change is on the way
Change in my campaign like Obama say
But nothing like his support is as he's near his ending
I need my patience strong like it was in the beginning
Cease the use of sinning to express my pain
Keep my attitude winning even in the rain
Keep on shining on my haters even through my pain
Keep Christ in my swag when they call it lame
Struttin' on the holy hill ten toes down
Success is so close I'm feeling my time now
I'm still waiting on my H2 on 28's
Un-afraid of success or attracted hate
I'mma rep Jesus and I'mma do it well
It'll still work together for my good if I fail



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