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Malachi - More Than Music lyrics

[Tripp: Verse 1]

Stop with all the flattery
Cause what's a compliment if not a person ment it
I find it funny cause snakes will be represented
As real people its f**ed up, Ill never comprehend it
And if you comprehend it you're nothing but just a fool
Really how'd you under that if you ain't been in the shoes ha
Real sh**, that's a fact, don't get mad at me
And try to break me down like fat women with calories
They're trying to k** me quick like I Phone batteries
Nothing but some over rated mastery
Calling out the bullsh**, mom are you proud of me?
Actually I'm glad to be the kid I am, practically ha
But I'm not giving no hospitality
Never let a person in my life unless the alchemy
Is something that I want, something that keeps me happily
On with my life even then there's still a chance I'd be

[Tripp Talking]

Back stabbed every day of my life
See there's nothing a person can do to stop people from betraying them
The only thing you can do is hope karma catches and hits the person where it hurts
See someone told me that karma of f**ing over a good person is the a**hole you end up with
See how people treat you is their karma
But how you react is yours

[Malachi: Verse 2]

Is it real?
Half these n***as just wouldn't understand how I feel
I helped all of them steal, so they could have a meal
But even at this moments its no commitment to the deal
But now its been revealed, ill drink away the past
All of which some days I'm wishing just could of last


Its a struggle
I'm looking at my family were dying right on the double
My auntie would always tell me I knew that you'd be some trouble
God bless that women's soul she's the one that got me so humble
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I've disrespected enough and neglected the love
The music is the only thing helping me rise above
When push comes to show, you know were always here
So when its ever dull just know that T.D.O.T makes it clear


[Tripp: Verse 3]

Yours truly the boy
He's rolling in with potential with syllables in his back pack
Back track, wanted to be the illest but G tho
I laugh at it now cause I'm whiter then coke in kilos
See back then, I wanted to shoot rappers with disses
Leave a whole clip on em, I move to the next, I reload
Back then I was always like "yeah f** it"
Till I clued in I was kicking my own bucket
Then Bars dropped, the crowd stopped, everybody waited
To hear from Tripp The Ripper, my confidence was deflated
But that time, I wasn't as dominate like I said
No stomping a beat then bombing it confidence wasn't read
A week pa**ed, I gave up, told myself to forget it
Maybe if I don't say sh** then everyone will forget it
But if I could take it all back naah I wouldn't
Yeah it taught me a life lesson, don't do sh** that you shouldn't
And you all know the obvious, so lets go back to the
Other day when me and Mr. Cooper felt spectacular
Everything was good, it flipped like a spatchula
Malachi dropped turned whiter then f**ing Dracula
Dragged him off the road called Leah told her what's happening
The next 5 minutes we found our a** in the hospital f**
Now we breaking down the obstacles
Smashing all you phoneys and using your illogical
Lines against you, yeah boy yo we back again
You the s**y girl walking out, we the fat chick walking in
Haha damn yall are soft again
Soft like sitting cereal, T.D.O.T boy we imperial
We ain't bout the bullsh** but f** it yall can keep it coming
Either way we Terry Fox rap, keep it running
Faggots will always try to doubt us
But one hundred percent they don't know a damn thing about us

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