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Malachi - Don't Speak lyrics

[Verse 1]
Speak to me, enemies
Cause anything you could do or say to me
Will make me a better me
I am not what they pretend to be
I understand my flaws
I understand that not everything is meant to be
But mentally, I'm getting to be focused on my energy
Listen what the pastor/pasta said, man it's Italy
Oops, I'm sorry if I offended thee
With double entendres you not spagetting
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But I'm kidding, g
Sorry for being Rudy Tudy but I get my cake
I'm g like a Disney movie back in 98'
DTF with the most corny punchlines that you've ever seen
How much can we take?
How much can we give?
Nah man it's too late
Money Rulers finally about to drop
Like Ross it's been a big wait
Alright, I'll stop being so cheesy
Ain't no pizza get out, Wale

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