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Malachi - Ball or Fall lyrics

Sup lil' homie
Hold your head up man
Ball or fall
You know what it is
See it amongst us..
That's right
Walk strong

[Verse 1: Stic.Man]
Homie hold your head up, no matter what be strong
No sleep, Keep it G, cause' it's always on
It be hard everyday comin' up in the street
Feelin' stuck, that's why n***as don't give a f**
But you can't let the struggle eat away at your soul
There's an end to the tunnel, there's a way out the hole
Gotta stay in control for your role and be thankful
Vow for the pleasures of life and when it's painful
The pressure and stress, don't let it break you
The blessings that come, don't let em' change you
Stay on top of your gangsta
Without struggle there is no progress
Be conscious and never lose faith in the process
Even when we jobless and homeless we full of potential
If nothin' else have hope
The struggle continues[x2]

[Hook: X2]
It may be difficult
But it's not impossible
There's only two ways to go
Ball or Fall
Though it be difficult
I know that it's possible
There's only two ways to go
Ball or Fall

[Verse 2: ?]
Suffer me this opportunity
To try to bring the people unity
Can't you see the life of you and me is bout' to come up
Self preservation and my family
Role model is daddy, slack back caddy
Goin all out
God bless the child that hold his own
Operatin under thug lawz renown
Its on hustle fo' your paper
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Soldier ball never fall
Keep your focus in your faith
And it's all the war

[Verse 3: ?]
Look here
All you gotta do dawg is hold your head
Keep your mind focused, move forward instead
Instead of lettin' all that little sh** get in the way
All that b**hin' and complainin' ain't gon' get you paid
Yeah it might seem hard at first
Put your faith in him and he gon' put you through the worst of times
And just when it seem like it ain't gon' get better
He gon' be there with you through the stormiest weather


[Verse 4: M-1]
Hell of a struggle, it's a spiral not a cycle
If you know what's good, don't let the man get by
You better keep score, there's a low and there's a higher role
You in the red, put your life on the wire
Gotta hang tight, keep your pimp game tight
You could lose it all, and get it back the same night
But if you ain't in the game, there's no way you can win the game
That's on my African name, it ain't gon' end the same

[Verse 5: Young Noble]
Look Pac' been gone for twelve years now
The Lawz still here, we never slowed down
No matter how rough it got
There never was a option for a n***a to stop
Please God, just give me a little sign
Try not to lose faith, but I'm down to my last dime
And my son keep cryin' like he missin' the paps
He too young to understand that the bills don't stop
And I'll be damned if a lil' man struggle like we did
Free lunches at the church, cause there's nothin' in the fridge
Can a n***a just live? Naw you gotta hustle mang
Tryin' to bundle in this never ending struggle mang
I know God gon' get me through it
Got me feelin' like FUCK the music
It's hell for hustlers, they'd rather see me jailed and cuffed
But I'd rather stay focused, than not have enough


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